Chart Signatures

I love the balance inherent in Astrology, and the intricacy of this balance that weaves its way through all levels.

Recently I've been studying up on medical astrology, and was delighted to find just how deeply on a practical level this balance goes.

This morning I received an elemental question from a prize student.

Once the chart has been erected, the signature of the chart is calculated by splitting each planet into its element and mode.

For example, and Aries Moon is one for cardinal and one for fire; a Capricorn Sun is one for cardinal and one for earth.

Once all planets have been tallied up, the maximum for each element and for each mode then indicates the signature: four air, six earth and one water with four cardinal, five fixed and two mutable gives a signature of Fixed Earth. This is the sign of Taurus. Often the signature does not correspond to the Sun sign.

The question today was about balancing energy. For example, with a lack of earth in the chart, practical and hands-on activities can provide grounding. Having seven air planets, I find gardening, building, repairing and organising all very grounding. This is balancing with antipathy.

The balancing with sympathy is to use all that air energy for a purpose: study, talk, calculating, analysing and planning are all examples of balancing with sympathy.

So, what elements do you have in abundance?

And what about the modes?

All my seven air planets are not all in one mode, but the three that aren't are made up by three that are! Mutable energy must disseminate information on or through the element that presides: in my case air. I do spend a lot of energy communicating with people, as any teacher would confirm, and this is what I do. This is through sympathy. Balancing mutable through the modes is starting and maintaining an avenue for that communication with others.

Quiz time!
What is the signature of my chart?
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