Intro Lecture and Class: 16 Jan 10

Basics and Beginnings

Today, two new people came to have a lecture and a chart reading. With not much knowledge or understanding of Astrology, we began at the beginning!

We went through the houses, signs and their related planets. The students seemed a little overwhelmed by these three lists, but it is much easier than remembering the two kana syllibaries, I think!

The houses: parts of life
The signs: types of energy
The planets: how the energy types are manifested

One aspect of astrology that is not often focussed on are the elements and the modes, and these form the basis of the signs, houses and their related planets.

Elements each have a related essential energy:
Fire relates to identity, motivation and drive
Earth relates to material and physical reality
Air relates to cognition
Water relates to emotion

Dividing perception of the experience of reality into these four elements is artificial: these divisions are in place to facilitate a locus of objectivity for people to develop their perceptions. If using such a division achieves objectivity, then this system is valid.

Next are the modes, equally as artificial:
Cardinal relates to instigating and developing
Fixed relates to maintaining and protecting
Mutable relates to disseminating and connecting

By combining the four elements and three modes, the fundamental energies of the twelve signs can be understood clearly and objectively. Continuing around a circle from the western point in a counter-clockwise progression, the order of the elements and modes are always identical.

Cardinal Fire is Aries: Developing Identity through action
Fixed Earth is Taurus: Maintaining Identity with possessions
Mutable Air is Gemini: Disseminating Identity through communication

Cardinal Water is Cancer: Beginning Self understanding through emotional experience
Fixed Fire is Leo: Maintaining and strengthening Self with individual identity
Mutable Earth is Virgo: Disseminating Self by communicating attitudes

Cardinal Air is Libra: Establishing connections with Others through interactions
Fixed Water is Scorpio: Maintaining relationships with Others with a purpose
Mutable Fire is Sagittarius: Connecting with Others through similar beliefs

Cardinal Earth is Capricorn: Discovering the structure that connects all of Us
Fixed Air is Aquarius: Knowing the principles that connect Us
Mutable Water: Experiencing the emotional connection between all of Us

Working with charts over the past couple of years, I've come to think that each angle - the cusp of the first, fourth, seventh and tenth - are actually each a quadrant related to each element. The Cardinal Elements that begin each quadrant indicate a basic part of each of us, and in the definitions above, I've labelled them as Identity, Self, Others and Us.

In the class, the students seemed to grasp these basics and then attempted to apply these key words to their charts afterwards.

However, memorising the basics does take either time or effort, but once this is done, the chart really does open up much more easily.

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