A☆P Advanced Class

The class times are organised according to all students' availability, and so times vary. This class is held in Osaka in Miyakojima.

This class consists of a pick-up and drop-off from convenient subway stations, a two to three hour lecture and class that includes application and collaborative learning techniques, and drinks and snacks!

The class is 4000yen, drinks (coffees and teas) are included, but the snacks are your choice.

This class is best suited to those who have been studying astrology for two years or more, and desire broader perspectives to develop their own understanding.


A☆P Class: Dec 12th

Recently, the topic of keywords has come up.

In reading or comparing charts, the use of keywords is really important for both speed and accuracy.

In many texts, a list of keywords is provided for signs, houses, planets and aspects, and these can be useful, but I recommend going to a text that has the author's actual description. The impressions that another person gives can then be interpreted into our own concepts, and we can then develop our own understanding and our own keywords.

Another point that was highlighted in the class yesterday, was that we are studying astrology, and we then apply that to a chart, and then to a person. But in a chart reading, we have a person talking to us. From the words they use, we then must match that to the chart. This is a skill that not all astrologers use, and actually is more applicable to a counsellor approach to the use of astrology.

For example, one of the students was describing how he gradually began to fill his schedule, and finally has developed a throat problem due to over-work. He is pressed for time, and despite working very hard, is still feeling a lack of cash and also a lack of opportunity to develop his skills through work.

Although he has a T-Neptune trine N-Saturn chart ruler from the second - new business opportunities are here, there was an indication that timing was important. He then said that his schedule was slowing down next month.

I then asked when his schedule began to change, and he stated it was last August approximately.

So, before we even check the ephemeris for what was taking place in August, we have a list of key words to identify what planet is representing his current events:
gradually; time; schedule; pressed for time; working hard for not much result; restricted; skills; work.

What planet has these keywords?

I checked transiting Saturn, which began to conjunct his stellium from August and goes retrograde in January next year. The transit orbs and aspects match the description he gave.

By listening to the words someone is using, the keywords that are listed in many books, that person's experiences can then be seen reflected in the chart. But, this first step of being able to catch then match the keywords is vital when using astrology to validate the client, rather than telling the client what to do.