The Secondary Progressed Mid-Heaven

Just for fun, have you checked your progressions lately?  There are different ways of calculating progressions, though, so I suggest you apply any method you find and establish your own assesment of each method's accuracy.

I tend to use Secondary Progressions, as, for me, it tends to focus on the world of personal changes and developments, and also because my mentor recommended it.  I tend to agree, but other methods are equally valid.

I was wondering recently what has changed, in a back-ground way, for me recently: I've noticed certain differences about me and my self-esteem, with an increase in self-confidence.  So, I had a look at my progressed chart.

For the past few years, I've been feeling my personal strength increase, and each change and step I have made in this time has ultimately been leading me to a way of living, and a way of making decisions, that supports and encourages more of the same.

Looking at my chart, for the past few years my MC has just sec. prog. into Pisces - it's now up to four degrees.  'That's interesting, but so what?'

I'd normally think of the sec. prog. MC in Pisces as providing a creative flow into career and related expectations, and with the sec. prog. IC in Virgo, that creativity stemming from a solid grounding in practical abilities (if they've been developed).  But I still don't really see a correlation between this type of energy and what I've been experiencing as above.

Then I realised that natal Mars, my chart ruler (Aries Ascendant), has become 'accidentally dignified': previously it was natal Jupiter, but the energy has changed astrologically.  'So, what's 'accidentally diginified' mean?'

Any planet in the natal chart that is positioned closest to the MC will indicate this energy as being strong in the personality; and sometimes quite necessary for the native (the person whose chart it is) to derive satisfaction with life.  If we are not comfortable expressing the energy indicated by the planet, we may experience great antipathy in what we are doing here; however, if we are able to actively utilise the energy indicated, a great deal more satisfaction can be derived.

Being quite shy and insecure as a child, having Jupter accidently dignified in my natal chart often threw me into the lime-light where I would literally shut down.  Only as I've become comfortable with myself have I been able to allow my enthusiasm to flow into my work and to others.

So, now there is the closing aspect of conjunction between my sec. prog. MC and natal Mars.  To check what happened last time the sec. prog. MC conjuncted a planet, I checked the time it was conjunct natal Jupiter:  I moved away from home to live with my father in different parts of Australia, and thus began my love of travel!  Good timing, yes?

I'm thusly supposing a link between the energy of natal Mars in Pisces, and the imminent approach of sec. prog. MC:  I'm feeling a gradual drive to manifest more of what I know; more confidence to do it with; a stronger feeling of being myself too.

Where's your sec. prog. MC?  Drop me a line and I'll find it for you, then we can chat about it!