A☆P Advanced Class

The class times are organised according to all students' availability, and so times vary. This class is held in Osaka in Miyakojima.

This class consists of a pick-up and drop-off from convenient subway stations, a two to three hour lecture and class that includes application and collaborative learning techniques, and drinks and snacks!

The class is 4000yen, drinks (coffees and teas) are included, but the snacks are your choice.

This class is best suited to those who have been studying astrology for two years or more, and desire broader perspectives to develop their own understanding.


A☆P Class: Dec 12th

Recently, the topic of keywords has come up.

In reading or comparing charts, the use of keywords is really important for both speed and accuracy.

In many texts, a list of keywords is provided for signs, houses, planets and aspects, and these can be useful, but I recommend going to a text that has the author's actual description. The impressions that another person gives can then be interpreted into our own concepts, and we can then develop our own understanding and our own keywords.

Another point that was highlighted in the class yesterday, was that we are studying astrology, and we then apply that to a chart, and then to a person. But in a chart reading, we have a person talking to us. From the words they use, we then must match that to the chart. This is a skill that not all astrologers use, and actually is more applicable to a counsellor approach to the use of astrology.

For example, one of the students was describing how he gradually began to fill his schedule, and finally has developed a throat problem due to over-work. He is pressed for time, and despite working very hard, is still feeling a lack of cash and also a lack of opportunity to develop his skills through work.

Although he has a T-Neptune trine N-Saturn chart ruler from the second - new business opportunities are here, there was an indication that timing was important. He then said that his schedule was slowing down next month.

I then asked when his schedule began to change, and he stated it was last August approximately.

So, before we even check the ephemeris for what was taking place in August, we have a list of key words to identify what planet is representing his current events:
gradually; time; schedule; pressed for time; working hard for not much result; restricted; skills; work.

What planet has these keywords?

I checked transiting Saturn, which began to conjunct his stellium from August and goes retrograde in January next year. The transit orbs and aspects match the description he gave.

By listening to the words someone is using, the keywords that are listed in many books, that person's experiences can then be seen reflected in the chart. But, this first step of being able to catch then match the keywords is vital when using astrology to validate the client, rather than telling the client what to do.


Trademark Class Nov 28th

Over the past few months, we have been covering the basics: elements, modes, planets, houses, signs and aspects.

Today, we were finally able to put it all together and check the transits. We are leading up to 2010 predictive charts.

The key point today was Pluto. We began by listing the location of Pluto in each of our charts, and then comparing them objectively.

Pluto in the Sixth changed from Sag to Cap (6th cusp in Sag): the native suddenly had a new way of experiencing work. Two new co-workers embodied the Sag vs Cap energies. We laughed when we identified this.

Pluto in the Third changed from Sag to Cap (3rd cusp in Sag): the native is applying wisdom to her self-awareness (T-Pluto conjunct N-Uranus). Studying Astrology very hard too.

Pluto in the Ninth changed from Sag to Cap (9th cusp in Sag): the native is having to change belief systems to accommodate more than self (T-Pluto inconjunct N-Sun).

Now that the students are able to understand the basic energies represented by each component of astrology, they are now able to place this understanding in time.

Covering the transits of Pluto from each person's birth was a great way to help realise the energy of Pluto. Using the ephemeris with the accurate natal charts helped place the exact times of important events, and provided a context for each person's development with this energy.

Next class we will check the outer planets for 2010 transits of our natal charts.


A☆P Class: Nov 21

Today we developed identification of key words for Saturn transits.

Traditionally, and in mundane astrology, Saturn is so often given extremely negative delineations, such as death, depression and misery.

I find this kind of reading dissatisfactory and counter-productive. I chose to focus on whatever benefits can be had from any experience.

To this end, Saturn energy relates to what is real, and if transits are read this way, the native's attitude to the aspect of reality being presented through the transit can be understood.

This means, attitudes to particular issues can be identified. Once we can identify our own attitudes, we are more able to take responsibility for our selves.

In today's class, we focussed exclusively on all Saturn aspects occurring next year.

The first step, we printed out the natal charts and wrote the locations (degree of sign) and when (the month) of Saturn's transit.

The next step, we wrote a list of each aspect Saturn makes and when to natal planets:
T-Sat conjunct Ur/square Mer (Jan + Jul)

Lastly, we all gave our one-word description of the aspect (adjective + noun):
Realistic awareness
Constricted insight
Practical changes
Focussed change
Practical insight

Uranus in this chart is in the tenth house, so we know these changes and new awarenesses are all related to work, the place in society and how we operate in the world.

Saturn also traditionally indicates an older male, a teacher or father-figure. Traditionally, it was a male's duty to perform these kinds of functions, but as society is changing gender roles, the essential energy of Saturn: the nature of reality.

Teachers provide guidance on the actual way to achieve a specific goal, and this takes place regardless of gender. Fathers were expected to provide for the family, such as the money to keep food on the table and a roof overhead. Male and female perform both perform this role now.

Finally, I believe the tradition of Saturn indicating doom and gloom was due to the people's attitudes to reality. Believing in an ideal or a dream is necessary for many, and with the cold, hard facts of reality, are the source of much pain when they fall apart.

Saturn represents the drive to actualize our dreams and ideals. If we are unable to focus on what is real, and cling to that which is not, we are left with reality: no dreams and nothing to show for it. Humility with our own dreams and ideals is necessary to move into what is real.


The Secondary Progressed Mid-Heaven

Just for fun, have you checked your progressions lately?  There are different ways of calculating progressions, though, so I suggest you apply any method you find and establish your own assesment of each method's accuracy.

I tend to use Secondary Progressions, as, for me, it tends to focus on the world of personal changes and developments, and also because my mentor recommended it.  I tend to agree, but other methods are equally valid.

I was wondering recently what has changed, in a back-ground way, for me recently: I've noticed certain differences about me and my self-esteem, with an increase in self-confidence.  So, I had a look at my progressed chart.

For the past few years, I've been feeling my personal strength increase, and each change and step I have made in this time has ultimately been leading me to a way of living, and a way of making decisions, that supports and encourages more of the same.

Looking at my chart, for the past few years my MC has just sec. prog. into Pisces - it's now up to four degrees.  'That's interesting, but so what?'

I'd normally think of the sec. prog. MC in Pisces as providing a creative flow into career and related expectations, and with the sec. prog. IC in Virgo, that creativity stemming from a solid grounding in practical abilities (if they've been developed).  But I still don't really see a correlation between this type of energy and what I've been experiencing as above.

Then I realised that natal Mars, my chart ruler (Aries Ascendant), has become 'accidentally dignified': previously it was natal Jupiter, but the energy has changed astrologically.  'So, what's 'accidentally diginified' mean?'

Any planet in the natal chart that is positioned closest to the MC will indicate this energy as being strong in the personality; and sometimes quite necessary for the native (the person whose chart it is) to derive satisfaction with life.  If we are not comfortable expressing the energy indicated by the planet, we may experience great antipathy in what we are doing here; however, if we are able to actively utilise the energy indicated, a great deal more satisfaction can be derived.

Being quite shy and insecure as a child, having Jupter accidently dignified in my natal chart often threw me into the lime-light where I would literally shut down.  Only as I've become comfortable with myself have I been able to allow my enthusiasm to flow into my work and to others.

So, now there is the closing aspect of conjunction between my sec. prog. MC and natal Mars.  To check what happened last time the sec. prog. MC conjuncted a planet, I checked the time it was conjunct natal Jupiter:  I moved away from home to live with my father in different parts of Australia, and thus began my love of travel!  Good timing, yes?

I'm thusly supposing a link between the energy of natal Mars in Pisces, and the imminent approach of sec. prog. MC:  I'm feeling a gradual drive to manifest more of what I know; more confidence to do it with; a stronger feeling of being myself too.

Where's your sec. prog. MC?  Drop me a line and I'll find it for you, then we can chat about it! 


The Moon

The function represented by the Sun in Astrology is that of identity; of the most fundamental element of our personalities; and that which we need to live.  The Moon is the function of our personalities that serves to protect our identity; our life; and our existence.  The Moon functions in different ways with different energies; so let's look at these different styles.  It’s important to remember that the skills and energies of the Moon are not a constant part of our identity, but are energies that we have in certain situations.  Reading the following (necessarily incomplete) definitions may not seem to apply, but consider how we react to uncomfortable situations.

Fire Sign Moon
I protect with the passions!  Aries Moon protects with aggression, the force of will and action; Leo Moon protects with strength of character and ego; Sagittarius Moon protects with exaggeration and benevolence.

Earth Sign Moon
I protect with values.  Taurus Moon protects with what is important to living, such as maintaining the home, belongings or the self; Virgo Moon protects by keeping an analytical barrier, that often comes across as criticism; Capricorn Moon protects with going beneath the presented problem and identifying the salient issues.

Air Sign Moon
I protect with concepts.  Gemini Moon protects with words and words and often more words on top of that; Libra Moon will question why cooperation has been sacrificed or lost, and will be waiting for an answer; Aquarius Moon will only feel any need to protect on principle, and when any principle is crossed, there is much vehemence and vindication.

Water Sign Moon
I protect with emotions.  Cancer Moon protects with the force of emotional strength and sometimes with guilt; Scorpio Moon protects by going on the offensive, and finding the soft emotional point in the opponent; Pisces Moon protects by voiding emotional contact points, or by spiritualising them.

The Moon also represents our emotional needs, how we make intimate contact with others and the needs we express then, and our perception of our mothers.  This last point is interesting, as it intimates our perception of our mothers is also our own defence structure.  Fundamentally, this statement stipulates that our perceptions of reality are reality for each person. The Moon rules the Fourth House, and this house represents the stage of childhood where we begin to imprint our emotional natures from the adults around us.

Our deepest psychological level, it can take years and much assistance to uncover and identify exactly what we imprinted when we later become adults, but well worth the effort.  Whenever there is a transit to the natal Moon, keep a diary of new decisions made to raise awareness of what the emotional needs there are.  It may be embarrassing to admit the erratic or childish impulses that are addressed, but the courage needed to admit can provide a firm foundation for self-confidence.

The Sun

So, what a basic but fundamentally important topic. 

The best and simplest way to define what the Sun represents in Astrology, and how the different energies of the signs work may be to do a quick comparison of the sun in different signs. 

So let's do it! 

BUT!!! A key point in identifying and understanding the energy represented by the sun may be to say, 'Without the energy represented by the sign, I feel like I'm dying'. 

Sun in Aries: I am direct; I am action; I am to the point. 
Sun in Taurus: I am my possessions; I am my things; I am my values. 
Sun in Gemini: I am communication; I am thought; I am versatility. 

That is the identity/fire quadrant. Identity begins with birth and is identifyable by action. Action is lead by values and the recognition of 'mine', and this needs to be communicated to others. 

Sun in Cancer: I am private; I am protected and protection. 
Sun in Leo: I am who I am; I am who I express. 
Sun in Virgo: I am what I find within; What I find without must conform. 

This is the emotional foundation/water quadrant. The formulation of the individual begins in childhood at home then at school. Depending on how secure we feel, we then express ourselves accordingly. Self-expression inevitably leads to the results of behaviour and the attitudes of Virgo. 

Sun in Libra: I am my relationships; I must have intimacy. 
Sun in Scorpio: I am seeking the purpose of interaction; I am intense. 
Sun in Sagittarius: I am living the consequences of relationships/groups. 

This is the interpersonal/air quadrant. The development of the individual from Aries to Virgo results in what kinds of relationships can take place. Scorpio indicates the purpose of relations, and Sagittarius is what kind of meaning can be ascribed to those relationships. 

Sun in Capricorn: I am in control; I am comprehension. 
Sun in Aquarius: I am my principles; I am unpredictable. 
Sun in Pisces: I am the result of all previous actions; I am without bounds. 

This is the reality/earth quadrant. Capricorn is what others see of us in society, Aquarius the significance of our lives, and Pisces is, like virgo on an individual level, the end result of our social contributions. 

To double-check the energy of the Sun in the signs, try this: Imagine each sign placement without the basic energy of that sign, such as a Gemini with no stimulation, or a Capricorn with no serious interaction. 

This is a basic comparison, and each placement can be heavily influenced by aspects, transits and progressions. 

Who'd like to try doing the Moon through the signs?