Happy 2009!

On the 28th of November 08, Pluto finished transiting into Capricorn, and will continue until 2023-04.

What might this mean?

To gain some perspective, let's have a look at what Pluto transiting Sagittarius, which was from Jan 1995 until Nov 2008.

Pluto indicates irrevocable changes, changes that can't be undone.  There is usually a lot of pressure and tension too.  The force of the energy associated with Pluto results in a clear demonstration of what cannot survive, and therefore necessitates a rebuilding.

Sagittarius energy relates to beliefs, ideals, cultures and higher education.  Through the 95 to 08 period, there was a continuous move from idealism conflicting with actual: Tianamin Square, The Japanese Economic Bubble, the Bush Administrations, Howard, failure to comply with the UN  and conflicts continuing in SE Asia and India/Pakistan.

The straw that broke the camel's back was Jupiter transiting Sag with Pluto through 2008, where it seems the expansion (Jupiter) of the destruction (Pluto) of cultural boundaries (Sag), began by the rule of power (Pluto and Sag) has now resulted in the current Financial Crisis.

Interestingly, this crisis has demonstrated that nationalistic concepts of identity are secondary to the economic system counties are linked together with.

So in 2009, Pluto is in Capricorn.  Jupiter will also be in Cap.  What might this mean?

The election of Obama in the US indicates a sudden change in focus that coincides with the new planetary positions: rather than ideological and cultural changes, the focus is now on the way we structure our lives.  Capricorn is the structure of reality, and is often more difficult to comprehend than a first glance may indicate.

Logically applying these energies, there will be a rebuilding of the realities we live within.  The ideals that survived the past few years are what provide the context for this rebuilding, and the structural changes being made are taking place within that framework.

With Jupiter transiting Aquarius this year, the principles our minds are open to this year are indicating how best to proceed.  As our understanding of the reality of our lives increases, this year we may be able to alter the structure of our lives in accordance with the best principles available.

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