How does Astrology work?

The planets are equivalent to parts of our personality; the signs types of energy that constitute those parts; and houses the areas of life and developmental stages that we experience. Aspects indicate the way in which we relate to ourselves, and show where we are comfortable or contradictory with ourselves.

Ways to perceive astrology:
Planets are like cars; the signs a type of energy or fuel; and the house like a map of where to go.
Planets are like people; the signs how they express; and the houses where they like to be.

How do you perceive these things?

If you know your chart - the chart of where the planets, signs and houses were at the time and place you were born - then you may like to try the following exercise:

To start with, let's use the Sun.
The Sun is like a very strong and fast car; the Sun in Taurus will mean the car has very practical fuel to run on; and in the seventh house will like to drive around with a passenger.


The Sun is very popular and out-going; in Taurus the Sun is most popular when providing something of value; and in the seventh is most out-going and confident when intimate with others.

In this way, each element of the personality can be conceptualised abstractly, then applied to the native (the person who has that placement).

Please write down your metaphor for your Sun's sign and house position, and please keep it brief!

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